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fun children’s session and books donated to preschool working with disadvantaged kids May 25, 2007

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playhouse1sm.jpgPaula Brown, local mum, 2 boys, Gabriel (4, above right) and Jude (2 years) will run a children’s movement, music and yoga class to the Bristol Playhouse Playgroup & Family Centre in Eastville, a preschool supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds and What’s On For Little Ones (whaston4littleones.co.uk) will donate some brilliant children’s books from round the world. Having a child at an excellent local preschool Paula realises how important good resources are at this age and being a volunteer at a preschool herself, Sam from WO4LO how hard preschool leaders work!

Tatty Bumpkin www.paulabrown.tattybumpkin.com is a children’s adventure session inspired by yoga which gets children and their carers moving, laughing, learning and having fun. The sessions fulfill all the criteria of the Foundation Stage, are multi-sensory, great for carers and children to have fun together and have recently won an award for best national children’s activity.

Bristol Playhouse Playgroup and Family Centre in Eastville was established in 1979 Bristol Children’s Playhouse is a daily “drop-in” Family Centre and pre-school nursery supporting children under 5 and their parent/carers living in isolation, poverty and disadvantage. Based in a culturally diverse community our work has a significant and well recognised impact on the integration of marginalised groups. Formerly funded by Surestart, funding is always an issue.

Getting children interested in reading, storytelling, learning and movement at an early age is vital” says the pre-school. “We also love that the books are so reflective of the many cultures in our community and pre-school and that the Tatty Bumpkin sessions is so inclusive of all the children including those with special needs.”

We will be doing a Tatty Bumpkin session about life on the farm (a brilliant opportunity for photos) and presenting over £100 worth of Barefoot Books and activity resources.


  • Paula has recently won a trip to the South of France to the Barefoot Books annual International summit for helping local mums start similar businesses

  • What’s on For Little Ones runs a website on which children’s service providers can advertise cheaply and parents can easily find information about what activities are on offer for their children. They ran the awards that Tatty Bumpkin won and will also be providing the free books to the preschool

  • Tatty Bumpkin sells an educational resource kit for teachers to use in their classrooms – visit www.tattybumpkinineducation.com/.

  • For more information call 0117 952 0070, email paulabrown.tattybumpkin.com


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