Happy Tracks in the Snow

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Local mum provides job opportunities to Bristol parents and wins holiday to the South of France May 25, 2007

shop2.jpg Paula Brown, local mum and entrepreneur, wins a holiday to the south of France for helping Britol mums set up their own businesses.

Paula Brown is a local mum of 2 boys, Gabriel (4,see About) and Jude (22 months) who runs the Tatty Bumpkin sessions and also sells the brilliant Barefoot Books www.mybarefootbooks.com/PaulaBrown, children’s books with amazing artwork and stories from different cultures, to schools and families throughout Bristol.

Paula has recently won a trip to the South of France with Barefoot Books ā€“ a combined relaxation trip and conference ā€“ for her team development. Since having children she has been interested in the dilemma mums face regarding going back to work and wanted to find a better work/life balance. Starting the business only a year or so ago she has recruited over 30 people to her team, many of these mums in the Bristol area who want to combine motherhood with flexible work where they can still see their children and bring another skill to parenthood in the form of brilliant stories!

She also runs Tatty Bumpkin classes and helps to recruit mums to do this too www.paulabrown.tattybumpkin.com (featured in the Evening Post last year).



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