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Tatty Bumpkin children’s movement sessions – an intro! May 26, 2007

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Tatty Bumpkin is a bit like the daughter I never had… she is not only the world’s first and award-winning bendy yoga doll, she can take children and their friends on a magical adventures involving lots of movement, animals, stories, puppets, music, games and fun with a parachute, finishing with a relaxation (yes a relaxation!), and stickers.

I trained to run the sessions back in August 2005 and have been teaching in schools, preschools, private classes, nurseries, festivals, libraries, the Zoo etc. I wanted to train initially to be able to do something to keep myself fit, earn money around my children and because I wanted them to understand what I do. Now it’s a ‘proper job’ as I have so many sessions and work for the company as well.

I theme the parties and sessions so do ocean adventures, down on the farm, a midnight trip to the zoo, day out on a train, a pirate or princess adventure, safari or anything you choose. The children will be tired but happy and relaxed at the end!

The brilliant thing about the sessions is that it really promotes bonding with the child’s carer (whether it be mum, dad, grandma, nursery nurse or teacher), it is incredibly good for them, fulfils all the criteria of the Early Years Foundation Stage in the UK, is lots of fun and can bring in strong story themes, counting, dealing with issues, helping children socialise and take turns etc.

Information on my sessions is at www.paulabrown.tattybumpkin.com and information on training to do this yourself, franchises and the amazing clothes is at www.tattybumpkin.com.


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