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Top Parenting Tips! May 30, 2007

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Tips from other parents…

I used to enjoy taking ‘mental photographs’ with my son when little – if we were having a special day or were somewhere really beautiful I’d find a quite moment to go through the five seasons together to take a snapshot – what can you see, hear, smell, touch, taste? And really take time to let each sense absorb whatever’s around – both right in front of you and in the distance, far away. It really helps a memory to sink in – which is good for me too – and helps really enjoy a moment together.

Also an easy exercise at the end of any day, at bedtime or settling down time is to review the day. One thing that was good today, one thing that wasn’t good, something happy, something sad… although ending with the happy and good things is a more positive way round! But it also gives a no pressure chance for your child to let you know if something is troubling them.

And finally – I worked this one out really late and wish I’d though of it earlier.. when you have one of those days walking on the beach or in the countryside and you’ve collected piles of shells, stones, seaweed, walking sticks, feathers, pebbles etc etc and then there’s just no way they’ll fit into the car/your bag, or you don’t even want to contemplate taking them home but your little one won’t take no for an answer.. Arrange them on the ground into a really nice display and take a photo of them – with your child if they want – so they won’t be forgotten but they stay in the place you found them so maybe another family or child will be able to see your display and enjoy the nice things you found too. Also good to stop plants being picked – and so easy now most people have digital cameras or even phones that’ll take photos…

Give your kids a paintbrush and get them to paint the outside walls or patio with water - 
especially encourage them to  'paint' vertically on the walls..with their water brushes....this is again good for back position and strengthening shoulder girdle... both of these activities encourage children to do big shapes and open out their bodies..so often in class writing and drawing is such a 'tucked in' activity...with back rounded and shoulders curled in... make the kids explore how far their bodies can stretch ..and ..as a result how tall and wide their paintings can be.. the painting is then a visual representation of the space they occupy!!

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