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It’s all in the name! June 4, 2007

Filed under: parenting articles — paulabrown @ 10:30 pm

It occurred to me today, not a terribly profound thought but a share-able one nonetheless, that when you are at school you are ‘Paula Holder’ (or ‘Annette Curtain’ or ‘Neil Down’ as two people from our school were called), but you do very much have 2 names.

At work, college or university you become just ‘Paula’ and many people don’t know you by your full name at all – or maybe you’re ‘Paula from Politics’ or ‘Paula from Marketing’.

But, by the time you become a mum you’ve even lost your first name and become ‘Gabe’s mum’ and are even more anonymous! And in a few year’s time I won’t even remember my own name so it’s all downhill from now on!

anyway, as I said, not profound!



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