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Crisps June 13, 2007

Filed under: Barefoot Books - titles,parenting articles,stories — paulabrown @ 2:32 pm


Ok, so we don’t really eat crisps in our house, what with me being a pseudo health freak and all but I’ve just bought a variety of different flavours (all laden with MSG which is giving me a gentle buzz coupled with mild sweats!) as I plan to shrink the packets!

Yes shrink the packets. I’ll report later on whether it works but I remember doing it as a kid and loved it! I am also trying to concoct a miniature recycling game for kids using mini books, newspapers, crisp packets and kumquat peel to go alongside a storytelling session I’m working on around Barefoot’s Whole World book. Anyway, I’ll report back!

By the way the book is great and the mini-edition is out soon, complete with CD and donation to environmental causes.

STOP PRESS: I now have a baking tin covered in melted plastic. The kids thought it funnier than I did. Think oven too high.



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