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Local food June 17, 2007

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Now I like my food so I went to a Sunday market at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol this morning with the kids – always a dangerous thing as it only takes a few snacks, drinks and a jar of handmade chutney before you’ve parted with the best part of £15! Anyway, it was lovely and the kids enjoyed it.

It did occur to me that we’re quite spoilt for all things foodie in Bristol – we’ve got the UK’s only regular Slow Food market, one of a handful of UK Organic Food Festivals, the World’s largest Vegan Fair, a brilliant weekly farmers’ market, a new swanky cookery school which is doing a lot of work with schools (Bordeaux Quay), St Nicholas markets with brilliant stalls like the one linked with the Olive Shed restaurant as well as great wholefood shops like Better Food Company that source as locally as possible and grow a lot of their veg at a nearby walled garden and not forgetting lots of beautiful allotment sites.

So if you’re in Bristol – make use of it!


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