Happy Tracks in the Snow

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Safe as houses June 29, 2007

Filed under: parenting articles,the kids — paulabrown @ 3:35 pm


So I’m the last one to panic about safety: I have an old-fashioned attitude that kids will learn their limitations and consequently don’t freak out when they jump off walls and the like. We didn’t do stairgates, cots (for long) and my children can use scissors and knives with precision.

This week though my elder son, Gabe, was messing about around a grit/sand box on the side of the road when my husband saw there was a hypodermic needle in there. I properly freaked out when he told me as you can imagine! (He hadn’t touched it btw). Later that week an old man started pawing my younger son in a shop and looking far too interested in him (he does have a chubby, angelic face). I don’t want to live thinking my children are constantly surrounded by danger but I guess it served to remind me that though it’s not everywhere, it’s still there…


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