Happy Tracks in the Snow

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Parenting Rocks! July 2, 2007

Filed under: parenting articles,the kids — paulabrown @ 10:18 pm


OK, so it’s not like I’ve never complained about early starts, endless nappies and the like but since my youngest hit two (I don’t believe in terrible twos) things have gotten so much easier. My two boys adore each other and apart from the odd squabble (swords at dawn!) they play brilliantly together and run each other ragged, withdrawing at least part of the need for me to physically run with them!

Not only have they stopped going completely wild at the checkout at the supermarket but now they actually unload everything and bag it up for me! We still have our stressful time to be sure but they’re not generally at 4.50am in the morning now and involve fewer nappies. They are so funny, insightful and interesing. And they look so angelic all clean and cosy in their beds at night! Parenting rocks!

STOP PRESS as soon as I painted this rosy picture of familial bliss both my children decided to wake all night every night, screaming with growing pains, soggy beds and since family harmony has somewhat broken down! Why did I tempt fate in this way?!


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