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Precious Drops July 2, 2007

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So I did a Barefoot Books stand on Saturday for the Precious Drops fairytale fundraiser – a fundraising campaign for Southmead Hospital in Bristol’s planned breast milk bank for special care babies (for those babies whose mothers can’t produce milk e.g. if they are very premature).

It reminded me of an amusing thing I calculated while breastfeeding my little ones – that in the entire time I breastfed / expressed milk for both of them my milk would have fetched a not very princely total of £260 if valued at the same price as organic cow’s milk!

Anyway, it was a crazy day as my husband was ill so alongside a lot of interest in the books I was watching two children who were getting facepainted, their hair coloured blue and a long stream of cakes c/o of the NCT!

It was a great day in the end with lots of entertainment, lots of books sold and lots of money raised for the babies. It made me proud to be doing what I do! My friend Liz did a sterling job of organising the whole thing (always more of a job than you think as it spawns many heads…). So well done Liz! There aren’t many like her!


One Response to “Precious Drops”

  1. Sanne Says:

    What a good cause. You are doing so much good work nd that’s very inspiring.

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