Happy Tracks in the Snow

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The garden! July 12, 2007

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I have just finished a session in our garden post the 40 days and 40 nights of rain, aka, the Great Flood – I felt like Indiana Jones thrashing through the rye grass and bindweed and was overjoyed to find an actual garden underneath it all! Our sunflowers are now as tall as me and we’ve erected an arch to mark the entry into our garden (and hide the pile of scooters, trikes and other children’s equipment). Anyway, here are some photos from our garden:

our herb spiral (from an idea from the Centre for Alternative Technology where you arrange herbs in a spiral so the wet loving herbs like mint are on the shady side at the bottom where they can get water, dry sun-loving herbs are on the top like rosemary and all the herbs can find shade or water as they require if you follow the instructions!)



our willow playdome, coming along nicely even though its only in its first year!


the garden from the kid’s window


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