Happy Tracks in the Snow

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The Wall July 18, 2007

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It’s the end of a very lovely era in our house – as a lot of you are also doing there are vast changes afoot – Gabe is leaving his beloved nursery school, we’re ending a very beautiful arrangement with our neighbour and dear friend who we’ve swapped childcare with for two years (as seen in the photo above, The Wall is the boundary between our houses – we took the fence down so we could pass/throw the children over the wall in the morning!), jobs are changing, new careers blossoming (Nige finally found something he loves in his jobs working with young children), Jude is trying out playgroup and finding a new childminder.

Years rolled on in past lives without anything of note happening and now our lives are structured into 6 perfectly formed terms and one long, unstructured holiday! As usual you have to adapt and keep up, time waits for no man and all. (Though please note if you want to avoid too much floating about do come to St Andrews Park on a Monday for games and general gaiety, though not of course, if you don’t live in Bristol as it’s probably not worth a transatlantic journey!).


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