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Gardening Awards July 21, 2007

Filed under: Barefoot Books - titles,Bristol news,garden — paulabrown @ 12:20 pm

boywhogrew.jpg boywho.gif

So it’s been a disappointing week on the awards front, despite my best efforts to keep our jungle of a garden under control and indeed introduce some tamer elements such as a flower bed, solar lights, the willow dome etc, we have failed to get a Gorgeous Gardens poster.

The scheme is run in a small part of our native Horfield and actually only covers front gardens – which we don’t actually have! I did however put together the above display based on the Barefoot Book ‘The Boy Who Grew Flowers’, amending it to the ‘Boys Who Grew Flowers’ and had potted flowers, a laminated copy of the book cover, a playmobil boy and a shell moon (the boy in question conveniently sprouts flowers all over his body during the full moon). OK, so it was small but it had a THEME and everything!

Anyway it apparently didn’t warrant a Gorgeous Gardens Scheme poster (no bitterness, mind, though I do know the committee and where they live!) so I’m starting my own scheme – ‘Slightly Scruffy Gardens’, anyone wanting to enter please send photos of your gorgeous-but-slightly-scruffy-garden-to-me.


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