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What is Tatty Bumpkin? July 21, 2007

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So I keep mentioning it and thought it was about time to explain what Tatty Bumpkin is – it’s a movement and music session for 2-7 year-olds inspired by yoga and incorporating music, movement, yoga, games, puppets, props, nursery rhymes, brain games, dance and more. It’s different because:

  • the company has a very strong ethical stance: winning a Social enterprise award for its impact on parents, children, the community and the fair-trade co-operative in Sri Lanka from which the dolls and yoga mats are sourced. There are training bursaries available to encourage those on low incomes to train to teach and the Tatty Bumpkin clothing range is certified organic.

  • parents encouraged to join in which helps the child to get the most from the sessions and something great they can share and younger siblings are also welcomed (who love it!).

  • games & props help them to learn including breathing, using props like feathers, physiotherapy balls, bubbles, soft balls to practise catching etc.

  • as the sessions are based on yoga rather than actually a yoga session they can include singing, games as well as bringing in things of interest to add to the story (e.g. vegetables at harvest time to weave into a farmyard story) which helps the educational content. There is scope within the session for free play and creativity.

  • educational – room to explore themes, do counting games, incorporate facts about e.g. animals (the sessions fit all the government’s Foundation Stage targets).

  • The storytelling element of the classes helps with literacy

  • multi sensory – the classes are designed to use movement, music, language & story as well as using visual props to help learning across a wide range of ages.

  • the emphasis on story helps language development and can incorporate pertinent themes.

  • ideally suited for children with learning disabilities or special needs.

  • unusually, suits a wide range of ages within the same session and actually works well as the older ones help the younger ones who are keen to keep up with them.

  • educational music has been developed to aid learning & we often incorporate dancing too.

  • games such as catching, sharing turns on props etc aid social development.

  • last but not least, the sessions are great fun, the kids will often be found around the house/tent in the lion pose or singing the spider song.

Other benefits:

Cultural There is a lot of potential to incorporate cultural diversity – within the story you could fly to other countries and buy things in the markets, listen to different music, do dances from different cultures and also do stories on Chinese New Year, Divaali etc.

Bonding As the parent or carer does the sessions with them, it helps to develop attachment and bonding. We end with a relaxation – they snuggle up together and rest!

Teaching Parent Skills The sessions can be run as a parenting session helping teenage, older mums etc develop their parenting skills as features routines, exercise, fun!

Obesity The perfect antidote as it’s fun and energetic, setting up good images of exercise and also incorporating healthy eating (make porridge for breakfast)!

Empowerment Shows parents things you can do at home with no equipment, helps parents think of imaginative things to do with little ones


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