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Thirty-three Things a Child Should Do By the Age of Ten July 22, 2007

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This is c/o Toxic Childhood: How The Modern World Is Damaging Our Children And What We Can Do About It (Paperback) by Sue Palmer (£3.99 on Amazon and well worth a read) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Toxic-Childhood-Modern-Damaging-Children/dp/0752880918/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/026-6860913-0913229?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1185094433&sr=8-1

  1. Roll down a grassy bank
  2. make a mud pie
  3. prepare a modelling dough mixture
  4. collect frogspawn
  5. make perfume from flower petals
  6. grow cress on a windowsill
  7. make a papier-mache mask
  8. build a sand castle
  9. climb a tree
  10. make a den in the garden
  11. paint using hands and feet
  12. organise a teddy bears’ picnic
  13. have a face-painting session
  14. bury a friend in the sand (but not completely!)
  15. bake some bread
  16. make snow angels
  17. create a clay scultpure
  18. take part in a scavenger hunt
  19. camp out in the garden
  20. bake a cake
  21. feed a farm animal
  22. pick some strawberries
  23. play pooh sticks
  24. recognise five bird species
  25. find some worms
  26. cycle through a muddy puddle
  27. make and fly a kite
  28. plant a tree
  29. build a nest from grass and twigs
  30. find ten different leaves in the park
  31. grow vegetables
  32. make breakfast in bed for Mum and Dad
  33. create a mini-assault course in the garden

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