Happy Tracks in the Snow

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Tatty Bumkpin at The Big Green Gathering! July 27, 2007

Filed under: parenting articles,Tatty Bumpkin — paulabrown @ 10:29 am

Come and see me at the Big Green Gathering next week, every morning at 9am in the Kid’s field! I’m getting ready to get all the camping gear out, all the stuff for Tatty Bumpkin, raingear, of course and the mandatory face paints, fairy wings etc. I’m looking forward to it but also have the sense of intrepidation you get when you used to get head lice checked at school. The kids are so looking forward to it: I think the vibe of festivals suits kids – there’s plenty of stuff for their manic moments and a lot for their chilled moments too…

My boss has texted from WOMAD to say she’s in yet another mud field (she recently took the gear to do sessions at Glastonbury) and my only consoling thought is that the Big Green is high, high on a hilltop on the Mendips near Wells. Anyway, I’ll post as things progress and will definitely let you know how it went!


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