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Kids and festivals part 2: the aftermath August 9, 2007

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Well the environment blessed The Big Green Gathering, that greenest of festivals, with nothing but good weather (OK a couple of hours of showers but that was just fun). Everyone is absolutely hanging now and the mountain of washing was unreal. Here are some things I learnt:

  • kid’s love festivals and camping, both should be mandatory experiences for little ones (OK maybe over 2).
  • cooking rissotto for 30 on a camping stove is NOT A GOOD IDEA. It results in cranky, hungry people eating half burnt, half hard rice which gives a new meaning to the term ‘al dente’
  • compost loos (raised, airy loos which separate the solids and the liquids) are the business and made it one of the highest rating festivals in terms of hygiene!
  • we should be producing between 1 – 2 tonnes of carbon per person per year and street lighting, hospitals and the army use 2 in total. Flying to Syndney and back produces 10 tonnes. Yikes.
  • naked people riding bikes sometimes annoy other people and get called ‘perverts’. Live and let live I say.
  • the world’s gone mad – did you know that ALL of the world’s zips are made in one factory in China and that food marked ‘local’ is often shipped first to Belgium to be ‘washed’. Avoid air-freighted food at all costs and try to buy organic, local food where possible. Visit the lovely www.soilassociation.org for more details
  • getting up for 9am to do the Tatty Bumpkin sessions is getting harder as the kids get older! No more wandering round fields of all-night revellers (how old do I sound?) at 5am waiting for something to happen – they stayed up late and slept in late, leaving me running across the festival ground trying to get there on time!
  • You gotta do your bit, I bought a Mooncup, men, don’t ask, women without one checkout www.mooncup.co.uk
  • laughing for half an hour solid a day raises your endorphins for over 24 hrs which has benefits too numerous to mention here www.joehoare.co.uk

adieu. Px


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