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Street Parties August 9, 2007

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So I’m reading a book called ‘Happiness – lessons from a new science’. Basically it’s similar in conclusion to More’s Utopia if you happen to be, like me, an ex-social science student (*see joke at the bottom) and have read it (note it’s thin with big writing so easy enough to digest and most importantly promotes loafing, well for at least part of the day!). Anyone, apparently people are happiest when they have challenges which is why I, despite an absolute plea to myself and my family, having taken on more projects and am the happiest clam in the sea…
The latest is our street party. Now I’m big into community in theory but in practice, what with work, kids, the housework etc it doesn’t always happen. Sporadically I help my elderly neighbours but often I have enough problems keeping my own house in order. So given that our ageing houses are now 100 years old we’ve decided to have a street party. Done before in our street for the Royal Wedding, we’re doing it again – high tea and a cake in the shape of a Victorian terrace (my job I fear) and maybe a bouncy castle.

Anyway do check out http://www.streetsalive.net/street-parties.aspx for more information on having a street party – it’s actually quite easy.

It’s also got me all interested in local history and I’ve got some books and may go to a local history group meeting and everything, despite having been advised not to continue history at school as I was so bad at it! I guess the social side of it (one of our elderly neighbour’s families built the houses all that time ago and both my kids were born in our house) makes for interesting ponderings…

Any ideas for the party or feedback welcome! Also any info on Neighbourhood Watch (our elderly neighbours were mugged in their homes recently, a nasty business)…

* the joke goes – physics students ask “how?”, the philosophy students asks “why?”, the geography student asks “where?”, the social science student asks “would you like chips with that?”…


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