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Keeping your sanity with September looming… August 29, 2007

Filed under: parenting articles — paulabrown @ 3:30 pm

So getting ready for playgroup/ nursery/ school etc is daunting and with Christmas not far behind, it’s a time of hair-pulling, teeth-grinding, wine-swilling insanity for some parents. If you have time read ‘Stopping: The art of being still when you have to keep going!”, recommends several ’stillpoints’ a day when you stop, also talks about ’stopovers’ like holidays where you rest for a while and some people need ‘grinding halts’ where you have to have a life changing retreat from it all to work stuff out.

I used to work as an educational tour guide with teenagers which was fairly full-on! I learned very quickly to snatch 10 mins or so to just be still and calm before the little blighters got drunk on cheap French cider again! Good practicing for parenting two manic boys though!

Tatty Bumpkin and Relax Kids CDs both good for kids to learn to move, breath and relax by the way!


One Response to “Keeping your sanity with September looming…”

  1. engtech Says:

    When I’m going on holiday I look for places that have no TV and no Internet. It does wonders.

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