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How to save money as a parent September 6, 2007

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This was in response to some great tips from Little Mummy‘s post about making one income work for a family:
– charity shop charity shop charity shop – posh ones are best but can sometimes be pricey – my kids say ‘can we have a toy today mummy? From the charity shop?’ bless their little hearts!

– use the sale rule – never buy anything in the sale you wouldn’t pay full price for, it means you don’t really want / need it

– good hearty food doesn’t need to be expensive, jacket spuds cheaper and better than oven chips etc etc

– swap with equally broke friends – babysitting, book swaps, meal swaps (can feel like night out if a friend cooks for you), clothes swaps

– there are millions of websites about free days out in your area and ALWAYS take lunch, s nax and drinks with you, you’ll spend a fortune otherwise

-camping can be one of the cheapest and most fun family holidays or if you like festivals, offer to do some kid’s entertainment in exchange for tickets

– buy ‘Self Reliance, A Recipe for the New Milennium’ if you’re really serious about practical and also crazy ways of saving money, growing food, joining wholefood co-ops, buying in bulk, swapping, making, reusing etc


One Response to “How to save money as a parent”

  1. Great advice. I love to swap stuff with friends. Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ll have a look for it.

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