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Today was the day! September 12, 2007

Filed under: parenting articles,the kids — paulabrown @ 9:24 pm

So picture me, nights of sleep deprivation from my terrible cough (which my friend said might be TB as there’s ‘a lot of it about’!), a lovely spot, period pains, a husband with an extracted wisdom tooth and a tummy bug, two children who can’t be in the same room without bashing each other over the head, so desperate are they to get on with school and playgroup neither of which had started for them, constant whining and moaning, tiredness-induced collisions and falls, a car leaking oil, several major appliances, including the heating and (god forbid!) the washing machine looking like they were packing up! It culminated in me sobbing when told, at the central library, that I’d wracked up fine of £7 for some books I’d never managed to return due to all the above! The librarian was so upset even though I said it wasn’t the fine as such that was upsetting!

Suffice it to say it’s not been a good couple of weeks since the end of the holidays and the start of the supposed term but today, finally, they accepted my boy into school to start his academic career or whatever he is meant to be doing. To say I’m looking forward to his being stimulated and then return to me, eager to see each other after a short break, is an understatement! I did come home with a tear in my eye for my lost ‘baby’ but my friend kindly reminded me about afternoons, mornings, weekends, holidays and of course Inset days and in fact I would still be seeing quite a lot of him!

The playground was a bit scary, I still don’t know how many of his clothes are meant to have school emblems on or how many little drinks he’s meant to have so, knowing me I’ll overdose on them all and he’ll have emblems on half a dozen miniature bottles of drink!


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