Happy Tracks in the Snow

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Autumn news October 5, 2007

When I was little I lived in Western Canada and a fine place to grow up it was too. Autumn was a particularly beautiful time with feet-high piles of crispy leaves, unlike the soggy piles we often get here. But I can’t complain, one day the boys and a friend found 67 conkers in an afternoon and what a lovely afternoon it was too…Here is the news:
1) Barefoot have loads of great books out (www.mybarefootbooks.com/paulabrown) for Christmas, let me know if you fancy having a few friends round to look at the books and get some free yourself (or if you’re school is running a fundraising Christmas do). Barefoot’s ‘The Boy Who Grew Flowers’ is on at the Egg theatre in Bath shortly – a great book and will be a great play

2) I need some exercise and am looking for inspiring ways to get fit – please feed back on any groovy ways to shed pounds (I’ll publish them so we can share)
3) We’re starting a new Woodcraft Folk group for 4-6 year olds in North Bristol, let me know if you’re interested in this Woodchips group

4) If you are self-employed, not currently working or your office Christmas do is downright dull, email me at paulabrown@mybarefootbooks.com to join us on our not-employed Christmas do! A motley crue of full-time mums, lonely self-employed folk, peripatetic workers (a long, long way away from your head office) and those who tend to make a spectacle of themselves at their office do and need to give it a miss this year. Last year we went to the One Stop Thali cafe and were serenaded by a man playing a saw, yes a real saw. Where will it be this year? Who knows but it’ll be serene, we might even have that third glass of wine this year and maybe even dance… So do join the tired-mums-and-dads on their one and only night out of the year (well almost!)…

5) I may be expanding my Tatty Bumpkin business (cue maniacal laughter!) and may be looking for a business partner with a multitude of skills and a little bit of time. Email me if you love children, have boundless energy and a little bit of time…

Paula :o)


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