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Christmas… October 5, 2007

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So it’s going to come whether you like it or not and I have only 3 things to say on the matter:

1) Please enjoy my Christmas haiku:





Over by the 26th of December.

Teachers please don’t comment on the un-haiku-ness of this haiku, I wrote it when I was 13, so young did my dislike of Christmas begin. Years have gone by and children have eroded this into first apathy and now downright enjoyment of this tinsely and elongated festie. Now you’ll find me making homemade tree decos while humming an absurdly modern version of the Holly and the Ivy…

2) please buy Barefoot Books as children’s Christmas presents – consider it fair trade or something to buy from a mum struggling (literally) to rear her family and make a living at the same time! www.mybarefootbooks.com/PaulaBrown. Slightly daft Christmas CD by Putumayo is featured in image above, music from around the world and lots of fun.

3) if you live in Bristol, are self-employed, not working or your office Christmas do is downright dull, email me at paulabrown@mybarefootbooks.com to join us on our not-employed Christmas do – a motley crue of full-time mums, self-employed loners, those who tend to make a spectacle of themselves at their office do and need to give it a miss this year. Last year we went to the One Stop Thali cafe and were serenaded by a man playing a saw, yes a real saw. Where will it be this year? Who knows but it’ll be serene, we might even have 3 glasses of wine this year and maybe even dance…

So do join the tired-mums-and-dads-Christmas-dinner, more fun than it sounds!


2 Responses to “Christmas…”

  1. Oh I agree Paula – I’m feeling the Christmas pain already. One shop near us is already selling their fake pink Christmas trees. I’m breathing easy so I can remain calm.

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    Christmas is a weird time isn’t it?

    As a haiku aficionado I thought I’d share a haiku I wrote a few years ago! 😉

    the sticky label
    over the christmas card
    the new boyfriend’s name

    I was the new boyfriend, now husband, A neat piece of recycling or… 😉

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