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School update October 5, 2007

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I meant to write about school – so far Reception is going well, all settled in and bar the odd tired tantrum, we’re doing OK. Admittedly child no.1 and 2 are both in bed by 6.45pm so I guess we’re keeping on top of the tiredness. I have even got one of those things they call an ‘evening’ back again though I am spending the extra time finding friends on Facebook (one friend has 127 friends – Toby you know who you are – and yet I only have 28, do people like him more than me or is it not that simple? Does he simply not have children and so he and all his friends fritter the day away on these things…?).

The only thing I’m not coping with is the notes home, currently I’m in the midst of working out which Foods from around the World we’ll be bringing, arranging a shoe box for the Romanian orphanage Christmas appeal and deciding what I can give to the promises auction, putting my name down for paint pot washing, bringing in the baking money, packed lunches, PE kit, junk modelling boxes and pots, school nurse notes, cakes for cake baking day, how-I-get-to-school-survey etc etc.

Lord knows how the full time working mums do it, maybe the point is that I don’t have to do it all? But surely they know my obssessive compulsive tendencies to try to do it all? Suffice it t say that I’ll let you know how I get on…


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