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Women October 5, 2007

Filed under: General,parenting articles — paulabrown @ 10:05 pm

Ok, so I was one of those girls that suffered my fair share of girls’ bitchiness, I probably gave my fair share but I’ve edited that bit out of my memory. For a while I chose male friends, particularly at university, for just this reason and when friends with girls talk of falling out and best friend’s heirarchy lists, a shudder goes down my spine.

But we’ve all come of age now and I can’t fault women of (roughly) my age for enduring support, both moral and actual. I’ve found while running a business that women are fantastic networkers and so many people will help, knowing that co-operation is always better than competing. Women are also a huge support in marriage, for those moments when it’s not going quite as perfectly as it should… Indeed many counsellors and psychiatrists would say that the best marriages are supported by good friends…

I know several successful businessmen who agree that women are far superior when it comes to networking type businesses and that ultimately when business people support each other the whole sector wins, even when supposedly-competing companies collude. It’s the same with mums at school, mums with new babies and generally women at work.

It’s beautiful and I’d like to take a moment to salute any reading this!


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