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Dads October 6, 2007

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OK, so I lay in bed thinking that it was off of me to post something about how great women were and not so much as a nod towards men’s roles in supporting each other / women / kids. The two pictures here are great – one is my husband covered by children and one is a friend, also covered by children – both at festivals. My husband now works with kids after a long and miserable (for him) career in engineering. Our financial position is much less healthy but we, and the kids, thankfully are.

I don’t know if it’s just Bristol being a bit alternative and all or whether it’s a middle class 21st Century thing but most mornings mums are outnumbered by dads (on flexi/self-employed / doing most of the childcare or at least a chunk) dropping off at school and so many of my friends have arranged things so that they both do a lot of the childcare and house stuff and both work part-time. It works in lots of ways and also has it’s downsides (one day we argued about who was doing the school run as we both wanted to do it rather than the washing up!!). Anyway, thoughts welcomed and !viva la papa! I say.

Thanks Dan for the photos!


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