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Never have favourites October 13, 2007

Filed under: parenting articles — paulabrown @ 8:04 pm

Always one with random solutions to common problems (read my post on saving yourself the cumbersome problem of naming all your children’s clothes by simply renaming them after their most-used brand of clothing – Cherokee, George, Hennes or in my case Tatty Bumpkin!).

So when a friend confided that she was a bit fed up that her son worshiped the ground his dad walked on (lying with his head in his hands watching adoringly as dad did some DIY), I offered this advice – use it if you share this problem. My strategy is twofold:

1) undermine – you need to gently undermine everything he does. This involves finding their shortcomings and gently tugging at them until they unravel before your child’s eyes. Here might be some examples: ‘wasn’t it funny when the books all slid off the shelf that daddy’s put up last week?’ or ‘ooh isn’t mummy’s cake scrummy? Lucky someone in the house can cook!’ Which leads me nicely onto strategy number 2

2) boost your own popularity – this might look like this: agree with your partner that, having read some dreadful article about tooth decay or childhood obesity that you are banning sugar from your child’s diet. Make sure you partner is fully in agreement, then, when they are working or out or buying shoddy DIY materials, you gorge your child with Skittles, Sherbert DibDabs and even sugar cubes if you have to. If this doesn’t work, nothing will! And hey, some parents I know already do this? Mr-Mini-Milk-right-before-lunch, you know who you are!

Of course I’m joking…. or am I? Cue maniacal laughter…! No really, I am joking.


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