Happy Tracks in the Snow

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autummmmn November 7, 2007

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So we seem to be having the best autumn in years! Crispy golden piles of leaves, dry clear weather for bonfires (please note though that apparently after bonfire night atmospheric dioxin levels are at their highest, maybe bonfires will be banned one day on environmental grounds…), that lovely low autumn sun. Pumpkin lanterns and pumpkin pie, sparklers, glittery fireworks pictures… lazy days you could almost eat!

It reminded me of a story about when I lived in Western Canada when I was small. We had probably a foot of crunchy leaves around our garden which got swept up into a huge pile. One day I (a podgy 4 year old) disappeared for several hours. My parents panicked, of course, called the police and started a neighbourhood search. They looked everywhere over our small village, under every bed in the house. Then, when the police called by the house to find out more I must have realised that the time had come to show myself so I jumped out …. of the enormous pile of leaves where I had been hiding (and probably sleeping since I doubt I could have remained still for that long!) to joyful and probably fairly irritated cries from my family!

I don’t think I realised until now just how scary that might have been – my own track record of losing my children involved losing my eldest 2 or 3 times for 10 long, painful minutes in the days when he was a ‘runner’ and would bolt in the blink of an eye – once up several flights of a multi-storey carpark car boot sale.


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