Happy Tracks in the Snow

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It’s the simple things… November 10, 2007

Filed under: parenting articles — paulabrown @ 9:58 pm


I’m on a roll tonight! I just wanted to share a thought about peppercorns… As is the lot of most parents, the smallest jobs elude you and one of mine was replacing a pepper grinder that bit the dust over two years ago (top tip for the day: apparently pink peppercorns – Jaimie Oliver eat your heart out – are too wet and mess up the grinder).

We’ve had a new pepper grinder for a while but it took another 6 months to remember to buy peppercorns but today I had fresh ground black pepper from the most ridiculously tall pepper grinder I might as well be an Italian waiter.

It did remind me that for parents, when time and money are precious, it’s about the small things – the smell of fresh bread, sinking into a bath with oils and bubbles, opening a bottle of wine, watching a moving film and that would should try to find time to bump any necessary equipment up our to do lists…


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