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Poo November 10, 2007

Filed under: parenting articles,the kids — paulabrown @ 9:33 pm

So I was warned about the hilarity of poo for small boys and have escaped the worst of this as they only have a mild interest in all things scatalogical. But one day the boys discovered moonies and spent a rainy afternoon taking it in turns to show me their bottoms. My fairly sweet and innocent two year old then came up to me looking serious, showing me his bottom and muttering something indistinguishable.

I immediately started to look for signs of nappy rash or the like when I suddenly realised that he was presenting me with his bottom and stating that I should ‘smell it!’, no doubt learned from his brother who in turn learned it from his new school… He then broke down into uncontrollable laughter and I have to admit I joined him!


One Response to “Poo”

  1. Paula P Says:

    We get a lot of mileage out of ‘poo’ in our house too, and it’s not just boys! A recent long car journey was proving pretty tedious for everyone, but once DS (age 6yrs)got onto the subject of ‘poo’ ‘wee’ and ‘bums’ he kept DD (age 3yrs) entertained for over half an hour. Wouldn’t have been my first choice of conversation matter but the giggling was so much better than the wingeing and bickering!

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