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The funniest thing November 10, 2007

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So I took my two wild goats to the shops today (the only way to fully describe them what with their voracious appetite and destruction-in-wake tendencies) which proved to be little fun! After their performance of what can only be described as lecstatic dancel in ‘Scoopaway’ and opening all the doors and attempting to sample the delights inside each scoop bin, the only way to control them proved to be to challenge them to hold on to each other. So they embraced for a full 3 minutes, neither of them able to move an inch as they are well matched, an ingenius plan if I say so myself.

They did get a round of applause when we left but I’m not sure if that was showing appreciation for their, as ever, hilarious double act or pure relief that we were leaving.
On the way home I passed by my favourite clothes shop – Pink Lemons, reasonably-ish priced independent boutique type shop (I really spend very little time and money on clothes though please note!) and bought a couple of things in their moving-7-doors-down-the-road sale.

One item turned out to be quite strappy and revealing when I tried it on at home (I daren’t try it on in the shop with the two goats in tow) and immediately both of them looked away in horror, Gabe (nearly 5) immediately started sellotaping paper together which I soon discovered was some sort of paper shawl or maybe just a wall to block me from view. Jude (2.5) had disappeared upstairs and came back bearing a jumper to cover me up because I might have been ‘cold’ as he put it.

They were both horrified at the thought of me showing any flesh at all and Jude walked away muttering ‘boobies’ under his breath and gently tutting. It was hilarious and rather shocking at the same time, my first experience of my children’s denial of me being an actual woman rather than a nice ‘chubby’ (as Gabe calls me), slightly frumpy mummy.

The dress has gone at the back of the wardrobe where I expect it might stay until they’ve left home or for a night when I can sneak out undetected!


One Response to “The funniest thing”

  1. littlemummy Says:

    Aaaahhh they’re all protective of you 🙂

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