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City girl November 11, 2007

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So our new ‘Woodchips’ Woodcraft Folk group will be up-and-running soon and there’s me all confident that we’ll have a clue what we’re doing. We went to clear some brambles with fellow district Woodies folk today in the countryside near Bristol and I got stuck up a tree! Not badly and not so anyone would notice but it has sent me into panic about whether City Girl is really the right person to lead a group of young children learning about nature..?! Gabe didn’t help as he started wailing about a tiny scratch from a twig and Jude likewise from a stinging nettle sting and Nige wandered round nursing his hangover.

I decided to make myself feel better by telling myself that we, too, would be on a journey of discovery, we’re just going to have to prepare hard!

It wouldn’t have felt as bad if I hadn’t managed to make a fool of myself at my son’s new school’s first PSA event – a promises auction – where I managed several times to either bid below the current price or actually bid against myself…

Keep an eye on http://northbristolwoodchips.wordpress.com for more info on how we get on with Woodies…


One Response to “City girl”

  1. Orfanum Says:

    There’s a need for Woodchips in quite a few cities – did you get a lot of help from WF central? Hope it goes well for you – by the way, your wordpress link looks to have been hijacked in some way…

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