Happy Tracks in the Snow

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Eastenders November 11, 2007

Filed under: Barefoot Books stallholding,the kids — paulabrown @ 8:30 pm


I did my first outdoor market with my Barefoot Books today – I usually sell to school libraries, parents, friends, friends-of-friends, at home parties, toddler groups, environmental fairs, Christmas fairs etc but they all share the same, vital, characteristic – they are indoors!

We dashed out with the books and kids and in my haste I forgot a jumper for myself. I had had visions of ourselves as market traders like in Eastenders (when I last watched it many years ago when Dirty Den was still in it) but in hindsight they seem much more street-wise, savvy and generally warmer than we felt. It didn’t help that the kids were using my balloon sticks as swords and recreating scenes of knighthood and chivalry before our eyes and yelping war cries during the Remembrance Sunday silence. Deep breaths.


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