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Cowboys and Idiots November 13, 2007

Filed under: parenting articles,the kids — paulabrown @ 4:40 pm


Today my son played with his playmobil people and reported that he was playing ‘Cowboys and Idiots’! It became apparent that this was a misunderstanding, rather than a very un-p.c. statement.

We have friends who eat ‘dalek bread’ instead of garlic bread. Do you have any amusing mispronunciations in your family?


2 Responses to “Cowboys and Idiots”

  1. ella Says:

    i have a friend whos family have incorporated their childrens’ mispronounciations into their everyday vocab. They now say “siss” instead of “cut with sissors”! It makes sense, to me!

  2. writinggb Says:

    My son used to call escalators “esk-la-stairs.”

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