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What’s in your handbag / man bag? November 17, 2007

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OK so we are all friends, right? So I feel it’s time to share some personal stuff. No, not that personal. I’m going to share what I take around in my Mary Poppins-like carpet bag and hope you’ll give me a few tips too. So here’s what’s lying on my living room floor, merrily dumped from my enormous handbag:

arnica – essential when you have two boys who like to get bruises – if you’re not familiar it’s nothing short of miraculous for immediately stopping any kind of swelling or bruise-like tissue damage if applied immediately. Also available as a homeopathic tablet if you happen to be giving birth.

lavender oil – dual purpose as it is brilliant for burns if applied immediately (only oil that can be applied neat). Also doubles as a ‘downer’ if you are in dire need of calmness (I alternate between a sniff of this and breathing slowly into a paper bag, often requested in shops like Scoopaway, see previous blog on shopping expedition with the goats). Rescue Remedy for the same reason (though children shouldn’t have it internally because of alcohol content you can put a bit on their temples).

Plasters – more for ‘attending’ to minor ouchies than from necessity

child distraction – I have finely honed children distractions to the smallest things I could find namely a) the tinest cars you’ve ever seen, micro cars I think they call them x 2 in my case (you MUST have the same number of each distraction as children for obvious reasons b) small notepads and little pencils x 2 c) something small in a box – in this case something called an endless landscape (little cards that make a landscape in all different formations) – note the word ‘endless’.

wet wipes– even if they’re teenagers, you just never do know

plastic bags – to save using new ones

calculator (hey I’m a direct seller, you never know!), scissors (for emergency craft projects or foraging), books catalogues, Tatty Bumpkin CD (you never know when I might be called upon to do some bending and giggling…)

notepad with a felt red dragon on it for my interminable lists

I do also have in the bottom of my bag some face glitter, a clothes peg, a pair of socks and pants, some spare change, some pritt stick, a snack bar, some worry beads, a compass, a swiss army knife, a sand timer (in case of rows over length of time ‘sharing’).

Now that I write this I’m wondering if it’s overkill… I sometimes even remember my purse and house keys…

What do you have in your bag that you couldn’t live without?


One Response to “What’s in your handbag / man bag?”

  1. Sanne Says:

    I can’t believe you can fit all of that in your bag!
    Here’s what’s in mine: Onya bag, keys, arnica cream, lipbalm, face cloth for runny noses or wiping down a wet swing in the park, hair band, mobile, business cards (both mine and my husband’s, Tatty leaflets, Barefoot flyers, pen, notepad,chamodent for teething pain and earache, slingview mirror, piece of rope, bottle of water, knitted hat one that fits both my daughters and most important a box of raisins for that all important distraction for the girls. Now it’s getting dark early i also carry a mini maglight in case on of them gets scared. I try to ‘travel’ light.

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