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Stories December 12, 2007

Filed under: parenting articles,storytelling — paulabrown @ 10:11 am

So I used to love stories about big events and important people – historical figures, myths and the like. Now that I’ve become a mum I love the stories of everday people, of seemingly trivial events which actual affect everyday life more than we know. I walked back from school today, a routine and mundane task.

I passed mums with stories of their own: battles to find meaningful work they can feel passionate about; struggles to get the attention their child with special needs requires; marital problems; traumatic births; those suffering with grief of many kinds; dealing with issues raised from their own childhoods; those with partners from far off lands with stories of their own; stories of forgotten loves; of travels and adventures both past and to come; women and men with talents, secrets, desires and dreams.

So when you next feel your life as a parent is mundane, try looking for the stories.


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