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Ethical dilemmas… December 30, 2007

Filed under: parenting articles,the kids — paulabrown @ 9:05 pm

party-decor.jpgSo my latest dilemma is that Gabe is having a big 5th birthday, inviting all the class and a few other friends. We’ve gone to a lot of effort to make Christmas fairly sustainable – as little new plastic stuff as possible, food locally sourced, as little packaging as we could muster and we didn’t drive far either. So I can’t face a groaning table of brand new plastic presents he doesn’t need.

I was going to ban presents but Nige said that was just mean and ‘how often are you 5’ after all? We’ve worked on a compromise where we’ve said that because he’s having so many children feel free to bring nothing / something small / something from a charity shop of their child’s they no longer like but Gabe would / something homemade etc.

Do you think we’re bonkers???


4 Responses to “Ethical dilemmas…”

  1. littlemummy Says:

    A nice idea that I’ve heard (perhaps a little difficult to organise) is for all party-goers to chip in together to buy one more substantial present between them.

  2. Sanne Says:

    Hi Paula, check out this post about an ethical birthday present:


    I thought this was brilliant!

  3. For my eldest’s sixth birthday, I suggested that people group together for a present if they really wanted to buy something and one mum jumped at the chance to organise it. My intention was to help them to save some money (even a £1 each would have been enough) as well as save waste on clutter and packaging. However, they bought a fantastic Brio train set. This was great as it expanded his current set, although defeated the object of saving them all some money.

    The problem I find is although there are a growing number of people who think alike on this, it is much harder for most people to accept, which presents the challenge that it is.

  4. liz Says:

    hey Paula

    I don’t think you’re bonkers for doing this – it’s a great idea!

    For Zach’s b.day this year he wanted a Knights of the Round Table party – we sent out a piece of material with invites for his friends to design a banner/shield instead of gifts. I am going to sew them altogher to make a banner to go on his bedroom wall. Zach was really excited on the day to look at all the things that his friends had designed and I he has fun now looking at all of them saying who did what.

    It’s Saskia’s birthday next week and I am making her a birthday cloak and her friends who are coming are bring something to decorate her cloak.

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