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Boys December 30, 2007

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This week, what with the excitement of Christmas and New Year, getting over the tiredness of school etc, the joy of the boys being able to play with each other a lot and tiredness, they’ve been pretty wild. I don’t mean naughty, just hi-energy.

We’ve had a couple of looks and comments too many from childless people, parents of girls of of bizarrely sedate boys (not judging, just envious!). A friend gave me an article written by a mum of boys saying that parents with girls often judge what appears to be boys who are out-of-control and that eventually she would only go on playdates with parents of boys. Has anyone else found this or are my children genuinely wild!!? We’ve tried to give them freedom and space to run and play but I’m beginning to wonder if we’ve given too much…


3 Responses to “Boys”

  1. Melitsa Says:

    My boys are really lively and I know a few girls that are the same. I wouldn’t want to separate my playdates based on gender although I can see how well it would work sometimes. I like the fact that they ‘bash heads’ figuratively as it shows both genders another way. They have to cooperate and manage differently.

    Boys and girls are just different. I like to celebrate how my boys are now and not worry so much. After reading a few books like Gender matters and Boys and girls are different I feel much happier about how I’m raising them.

    Now I like to foster the other aspects they need help with…it’s going to be different with each child, whether boy or girl.
    Hope you find your balance…..

  2. I’m biased having two boys. They are fantastically live. Interestingly, over recent years I have also befriended parents of boys, not deliberately but naturally. Somehow, we all understand each other. However my eldest is friendly with a couple of girls, which is nice as playtime is not so frantic.

  3. Paula P Says:

    Little boys are like puppy dogs! You need to take them outside for some fresh air at least once a day! (or soft play!)

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