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A sorry tale January 12, 2008

Filed under: parenting articles — paulabrown @ 9:00 pm

So we just had our work Christmas dinner in a swanky gastro-pub in Kent. The whole thing was free and paid for the by the pub and here’s why: last year we went with two new mums who work in the company, we’d phoned ahead and that was fine – they put us in the conservatory bit where they’d be no smoking and all was well. At one point they had to feed the little nippers which they did very discreetly, so discreetly that we hadn’t even noticed to be honest.

About 15 minutes later the rather surly assistant manager (we dubbed her ‘Power Trip’) asked us (in the manner of an annoying school prefect) to stop feeding as it was ‘upsetting’ the other customers. We looked around and the only other table were a table of middle aged women merrily gossiping and apparently hadn’t even noticed us. In the far corner there was a family with an older man who was smoking a pipe and had a dog with him (apparently these things are fine but not so feeding a baby).

We were stunned and couldn’t even reply, later, when one of us went to talk to her she insisted they do it elsewhere (turns out our choices were the loos or outside in the freezing cold). We wrote a letter of complaint when we got back and received no reply. One of us wrote to the local paper who was very interested in the story and called the pub. The next day we got a letter saying we could all go back for Christmas dinner next year (as long as it was in January!). A sad tale in this day and age but probably not an uncommon one. Meal was great though and we didn’t hold back!


One Response to “A sorry tale”

  1. jules Says:

    I’m constantly shocked by peoples attitudes to public breast feeding! As for the suggestion of feeding a baby in a loo..well I’ve had this suggested in the past and asked the offended person whether they ever ate their meals in such unsavoury surroundings. I’ve never seen any woman breastfeeding in an in-discreet manner. In fact, it upset me that in my recent baby group the first time mums were so nervous about doing it and being seen. When there’s pictures of women semi-naked on every bill-board it seems crazy.

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