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Never a dull moment… January 16, 2008

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I could have sworn I heard myself say ‘it’ll be much quieter after Christmas’. Well I was wrong. In the last two weeks we’ve:

  • started the New Year with a 60s party where we actually made it past midnight
  • climbed Glastonbury Tor
  • bought a bike trailer
  • started our new Woodcraft Folk group (quite manic and a bit disorganised on my part but lots of smiles!),
  • I’ve started two new Tatty Bumpkin classes (ditto),
  • done a big mailing to day nurseries,
  • sent two mailings to my Barefoot Books team and one to everyone I know about the Barefoot Books winter sale
  • settled Gabe back into school and resumed our childminding morning job (3 small boys bouncing around a small Victorian house for an hour…)
  • written half an operations manual
  • driven to Kent and back for a Christmas dinner
  • sent proposals to schools for a workshop for KS2 children on how books are made to local schools (a project with Barefoot Books Nige is doing)
  • organised Gabe’s 5 birthday party
  • booked a trip to see my folks near Barcelona
  • made some plans for our Talk like a Pirate day
  • booked Nige onto a Tatty Bumpkin course as well as him…
  • starting a new part-time job and an NVQ course and some involvement in a project called ‘Trading Places’ about men in carework / early years education and women in construction and the challenges therein
  • nearly-but-not-quite getting filmed by Channel 4 at the laughter workshop
  • plus all the usual activities, playdates, shopping etc and of course
  • the dreaded tax return which literally keeps me up at night (actually my latest stalling device was to try to find jokes about income tax returns but they were absolutely terrible)

I have to say that it’s been a brilliant but exhausting couple of weeks though…


One Response to “Never a dull moment…”

  1. Orfanum Says:

    I have a Google Alert set up for ‘Woodcraft Folk’, which brings me here on occasion. You continue to be an inspiration to this worn-out, slightly older parent with a young lad – i know it can be done, done well, with laughter, and that in itself lifts the spirit!

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