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Cheesey balls January 21, 2008

Filed under: recipes — paulabrown @ 5:18 pm

I just wanted to post about my newfound recipe…. When I was done with ruining yet another pan of rice (don’t even get me started on couscous) and lamenting over my past life as a budding chef I decided to turn a failure into a success (ever the glass half full).

So I made cheesey balls… I stuffed a cube of cheese in a handful of the sticky rice, rolled them in egg then sesame seeds and gently fried them in olive oil. OK so they are hardly macrobiotic or even that healthy but still, it saved the lot from being composted. For grown ups we put sweet chilli sauce on them and the kids did the same with ketchup. Surprisingly good.

STOP PRESS do not listen to a word of it, they hated it and frankly so did I! It turned out I wasted the rice and now cheese and seeds too. Nige of course ate the lot as he hasn’t got a taste bud in his head. I may delete the whole recipe section before I get complaints about the banana lasagne too.


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