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Celebrities January 21, 2008

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My most random blog post so far…

Living as I do with my head in the sand, I haven’t read a copy of Heat magazine in 10 years and don’t know anything about the lives of the rich and famous. Here are some celebrity faux-pas’ I have made:

Once my mum and I were walking along a road in Spain, on the Costa del Sol, and a blonde man came and asked us directions for something. We were chatting and as I remember we were a touch rude to him but gave him the directions nonetheless. Something about him looked familiar but we wandered on. My dad and our friends came running up behind, breathless, asking us what on earth Robert Redford had wanted. Apparently Rob turned and winked at them…

I lived in Madrid for a year during university and lived with a male model (no one famous but it got us into lots of swanky bars) and one night I’m chatting to this man when I ask him what he does for work. He mumbles something about films and then we move on. Turned out he was Pedro Almodovar and if you don’t know who he is suffice it to say he pretty much is the Spanish film industry and Penelope Cruz’s main source of work.

Said male model claimed to have once been sick on Mick Hutnall’s girlfriend but I never could be sure about the content of truth in anything that boy said…

Has anything like this every happened to any of you? Month’s subscription of Heat Magazine for the best story!


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