Happy Tracks in the Snow

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Today January 21, 2008

Filed under: parenting articles,the kids — paulabrown @ 6:49 pm


I want to say it’s been an easy day but frankly it hasn’t: I read my book til 1.30am last night which I know is ridiculous but it’s a teen novel called Beast by a Bristol writer who I met in a coffee shop (we get chatting and I ask her whether she works and she’s only a writer who’s published and everything and even won awards) so it seemed only polite to stay up all night reading her book.

Then there was the blind man who I couldn’t help across the road because I had 3 wild boys running away from me towards school, one murmuring something about being sick. Then there was the poo in the bath, but less of that. We were also thinking about setting some seeds or whatever people who actually know something about gardening do this time of year, with this weather I’m toying with planting rice… But really, Nige is loving his new job in Early Years and things are pretty good, she says, reaching for some wood…


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