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Competition answer… February 1, 2008

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Yes it was in fact the answer is…. Lord of the Rings, the story which contains all 7 basic plots (and it’s more complicated than that with subplots completing some of these and yes, many of you may in fact be right in saying that Sleeping Beauty and several other fair tales seem to incorporate these plots too…) But I’m going with Lord of the Rings ’cause that’s what it said in the book… Well done Jules of Horfield, Bristol. Here was her thinking…
1. Overcoming the monster – the evil Sauron.
2. Rags to riches – Aragon becomes the king.
3. The Quest – Travelling across Middle Earth to destroy the ring.
4. Voyage and return – As above really. I think the hobbits get back to Hobbiton in the end don’t they?
5. Comedy – Not sure about this. Do funny characters count. If so Merry and Pippin are fairly amusing at times. Oh and Gimli too.
6. Tragedy – Death of various characters. Unrequited love of Aragon and Arwen etc
7. Rebirth – Gandalf the Grey becomes Gandalf the White after meeting a Balrog.


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