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ideas for memorable presents… February 6, 2008

Filed under: craft — paulabrown @ 9:10 pm


So 3 brilliant crafty / present ideas:

  1. an ABC for a new baby – some friends made this for my first child, taking a 3 letters each and making them out of rose petals, sequins, beans etc! They put them altogther in an Ikea frame and it’s still hanging on my kid’s wall and they love it
  2. the naming quilt, second picture, was for Gabe’s naming ceremony – I asked everyone to bring a piece of material and they got my sister (I can’t and won’t sew) to make it into a quilt
  3. for Jude’s naming do (we went to the oldest Yew tree in Britain at Much Marcle, as told in Meetings with Remarkable Trees) we got everyone to send us their favourite poem and put them together in a little book for him



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