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It’s the little things February 18, 2008

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So when I think back to my childhood it’s the little things you remember. Specifically I think you could categorise them into:

  1. things you did as rituals / routines (my example would be Saturday Sausage Sandwiches – we always had sausage sandwiches at home on a Saturday morning, I can still see my folks in their jeans and sweatshirts, enjoying the start of the weekend)
  2. things that go wrong (the time I made tea by putting teabags – a lot of them, milk, sugar and water into the kettle and switched it on or in Nige’s case the time he ran over his dad’s foot with a tractor)
  3. silly things (parents doing silly things like the old pretending to be the other’s hands trick – one has hands behind back, other gets to be the hands and play silly pranks)
  4. selfless acts (my dad used to break off his cornet and dig out some ice cream and make me a mini cornet, ice cream then promptly dripped all over him but he didn’t mind – I’d already had a cornet of my own I hasten to add or when my mum would give me her bread roll when I’d eaten mine in a restaurant / cafe)

They also remember funny stuff only your family might do. We have Friend Finger (extend index finger in an ET fashion towards person you’ve just been a bit grumpy with in the hopes that they extend Friend Finger towards you in a conciliatory style).

Friends rename food like ‘Dalek Bread’ (=garlic bread in case rhyming isn’t your forte!) and the picture here is of Flat Gabe (clothes laid out in amusing splatted child manner) which we cribbed from some friends who have a Flat Hamish (and also a 3D one). We’ve got very into word play, specifically spoonerisms (par cark, chish & fips, tup of cea etc) and cockney rhyming slang. I guess the point is that there you are trying to make the big picture work and all the while they are focussing on the details, the funny incidents or the time you were really grumpy…


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