Happy Tracks in the Snow

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This week February 18, 2008

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Last week was great, even better now we’ve hit half term. I’m starting to rekindle my social life now things are settling after starting school, hectic work etc. I’m even going to start guitar lessons which hopefully won’t fill me with the weekly dread my clarinet lessons used to…

We got a bike trailer which turns into a jogger (above) – £50 on ebay and proving very useful for my attempts at eco-friendly classes by pushing all my Tatty stuff around with the bi-product of getting fit and losing weight. The boys love it and it’ll be dead handy at festivals too.

We got a babysitter for the first time in ages this week, generally we’ve gone out on our own with friends or stayed over with the kids at friends houses. As I left the house slightly nervous I remembered a story from my childhood. I was 12 and my mum’s best friend’s son baby sat for me – a strapping 19 year old called Alastair.

When my folks had gone out he said, “bung this helmet on, we’re going for a spin”, so I put on the adult bike helmet (which didn’t really fit) and put a jumper over my pyjamas and we set off on his motorbike round town. We rode round until it was dark and he took me home, frozen, half terrified, half exhilirated (well mostly the latter actually) and I was told never to breath a word…


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