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You know it makes sense… February 20, 2008

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner (March 2nd to be precise) so:

  • men: heed this advice,
  • women: stop any inclination your partner may have to a) forget the date or b) celebrate your fantastic-ness with wilting carnations or underwear of a dubious nature, as  Mumsnet compiled, with help, a handy print-out guide to Mother’s Day Dos and Don’ts. Just leave this somewhere strategic – in the shed/on the X-box/next to the loo – and hopefully all those who should be truly grateful will be…

Firstly visit my Barefoot Books site – there are some brilliant books for mums – e.g. Barefoot Book of Goddesses – basically a beautifully illustrated A-Z of Goddesses or The Lady of 10,000 Names and if that doesn’t show the esteem in which you hold her, nothing will… Also Grandmother’s Stories for the kid’s gran’s or


  • Do let me have a proper lie in. That means keeping our son out of the bedroom and not letting him leap all over me while you coo sentimentally, “Look how much he loves his mum”. Bluestocking

  • Don’t be an idiot and think you can leave it to the Thursday before. If you do make this fundamental mistake, don’t try to get out of it by saying ‘But you’re not my mother’ to the mother of your children. (And if you do say this, be prepared to, run like ****.) martianbishop

  • Definitely don’t say “you’re not my mother” to your wife when she is the one who bought, held in front of you to sign, and then posted, the card for your mother… TheFallenMadonna

  • While on the way to visit your mother with her gift, don’t say to your wife, who has very recently given birth to your second child, “S***! I forgot you were a mum. I haven’t got you anything. That’s OK though isn’t it?” Suzi2

    (Note to partners: Have you got the “my mother” bit yet?)

  • Do pace yourself – try to be a little bit nice all day, rather than cooking a gourmet breakfast then spending the rest of the day asleep on the sofa. Astrophe

  • Do try to conjure up peace and tranquillity for a day, with no shouting or arguing – and perhaps a trip to feed the ducks (with or without mum). Raggydoll


  • Do buy a card that says mummy – and not “mum”, “mom” or “mother” – if that’s what your child calls her (or vice versa). And do pick the type of card your child would buy if they actually went to the shop i.e. no hideous oil paintings of lilies! Whizzz
  • Do buy a card for YOUR own mother. Astrophe

  • Don’t say – at 10pm that night – ‘Bugger, did you post my mum’s card?’ Phono

  • Don’t forget until the day itself, buy a THANK YOU CARD in desperation and try to cover up by writing “thank you for being such a good mum”. Custardo


  • Don’t buy Oil Of Olay (unless someone specifically asks for it)! Don’t buy a doormat, oven gloves or tea towels as a gift EVER. Wotznotreallyhere

  • Don’t buy your mother a lovely exotic plant in a tasteful ceramic pot, and get your wife three manky hyacinths in a plastic pot with dayglo stones on the top. It’s the floral equivalent of getting your mum Agent Provocateur undies and your wife hip huggers from M&S. LadyMardyDaisyBoo

  • Don’t buy clothes (unless it’s cashmere, or you’re very confident) and likewise underwear is best left to Valentine’s Day. Stick to flowers, chocs or things that sparkle (and we don’t mean glitter pens). Muncher

  • Don’t buy flipping carnations (ever). RubyRioja

  • Don’t say it’s all commercial rubbish! Ineedapoo
  • Don’t pay any attention when your wife says “Oh, just get the children to make me something.” Get the children to make her something, and then get your credit card out and get yourself down to (insert wife’s favourite shop). FrannyandZooey


  • Don’t get out of bed. Just refuse. ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands

  • …But (from a realist) don’t be surprised if you don’t get a lie in. Your kids will be banging on the door at the crack of dawn, and you’ll need your ‘grateful face’ on to meet the bombardment of garage flowers/microwaved croissants that will greet you. GetOrfMoiLand


  • TO MUMS: If you say “Don’t make a big fuss/get me anything expensive”, we will not make a big fuss/get you anything expensive. This is known as Listening, and Doing As We Are Told. You’ve only yourself to blame if we follow your instructions to the letter.

  • TO DADS: Last year the children (with quite a bit of help) made a Special Mummy book – they put in photos (decorated with stickers, glitter etc), artwork they’d done, little poems and so on. She said it was the best Mother’s Day present ever. UnquietDadA

2 Responses to “You know it makes sense…”

  1. Cath Says:

    Do you know a funny fact (well actually it is not really funny and a bit f a nightmare for me!)
    Mother or father’s day are not international! Which means that I have to buy the card in advance AND remember when to send it to mum…I almost always forget….oupsssss

  2. Natasha Says:

    Just to make you laugh my seven and two year old treated me this Mothers Day morning.

    They clambered up the stairs excitedly bashing a bouquet of flowers all the way. They arrived on the bed without most of the petals and the gerbera’s bent beyond repair.

    They then sat on the bed with me with the breakfast they lovingly prepard – rice pudding and wheat free cookies. Needless to say Evie ate the rice pudding and Joseph ate the cookies! But as I watched them my hear melted and I realised how blessed I am to be a mother.

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