Happy Tracks in the Snow

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10 years and never a cross word… February 28, 2008

Filed under: celebrations — paulabrown @ 8:30 pm


…so it’s been 10 years to the day since our wedding and I’d like to say never a cross word but honestly I’d be lying! No but really, it’s been a blast! Our wedding was great, I was but a child bride of 24, Nige 27 and a lot of our friends still single. My dad and his friends had a ball dancing with all the 20 somethings on tables, Nige’s football team, The Diggers, arrived in evening to revitalise the proceedings.

There was a lot of drinking, dancing and making merry. Oh and it was at a medieval castle-cum-hotel near Hexham in Northumberland with lots of mulled wine, roaring fires, Northumberland stew and large cotton wool ball snowflakes which made the pine trees outside heavy with snow and ripe for a midnight snow ball fight (which ruined my dress and shoes!). I wish I could find digital photos but it was back in the days of analogue and I haven’t scanned any!

Since we’re broke and don’t really do romantic dinner dates we took a bottle of organic cava and sat on a hill watching the stars!


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