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Awards awards awards March 4, 2008

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I know some of you have heard this already at least once (due to my mismanaged multiple email lists) so forgive my bragging:

Please share in my child-at-Christmas levels of excitement for a moment: Tatty Bumpkin has just won a national award for Best Physical Children’s Class – awards run by What’s On for Little Ones and sponsored by Organix, the organic children’s food company and with the likes of the children’s activity giants such as Tumble Tots in the line-up.  Thanks to everyone who voted, I know lots of you did and to you for enjoying Tatty!

Now Tatty was not my brainchild but as the first person to teach the sessions and a significant contributor to the programme, I’m going throw modesty to the wind and take a fair sized chunk of the credit!  Was it the incredible therapeutic benefits that helped us win? The magic, adventure and imaginative qualities? The opportunities for bonding between carer and child? The deftly woven-in educational input or the good old-fashioned fun for all concerned?

Whatever it was, do feel free to bombard me with enquiries for parties (works remarkably well and always fun), day nursery bookings, information on the sessions at preschools, playgroups, toddler groups, schools (inc anything to do with Healthy Schools, Active Schools, Arts Week, Storytelling Week / World Book Day and Extended Schools) as well as private classes (St Andrews on a Monday, Redland on a Tuesday and more to come)… www.paulabrown.tattybumpkin.com

“Tatty Bumpkin is humongously great and Paula is a very nice girl!”, Connor aged 3


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